Goodbye ticketing, hello delightful employee service

Support your employees on their preferred channels and manage internal requests on one intuitive platform

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Back unites messages from Slack, Gmail and Microsoft teams on one platform

Make asking for help a breeze

​​For employees, making a request is as easy as sending a message via Slack, MS Teams or email. No need to sign up for yet another tool, and no more wondering how to get internal support.

Manage all requests on one platform

Requests appear in Back, where you manage them as tasks. Keep employees in the loop and collaborate with your colleagues to provide quick and easy solutions.

Back creates form and approval requests to respond to employees' queries
Back automatically answers repetitive questions

​​Automate repetitive tasks

​​Back answers simple questions without your involvement and automates recurring tasks. Spend more time on the work that really needs your attention.

Works across multiple teams


Manage employee requests more efficiently while keeping the human touch.


Replace your IT service desk with a highly automated solution.


Collaborate transparently and efficiently with teammates and stakeholders.

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